Facts About The 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake In Majene, There Was A Large Rock Rolled From The Cliff To The Road
The impact of the Majene Sulbar earthquake (DOK. Instagram Daryono BMKG)

JAKARTA - An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 at 13.35 WIB triggered damage to houses in Majene, West Sulawesi (Sulbar). Earthquake shocks reach an intensity scale of VI MMI which is potentially damaging.

BMKG's Head of Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation, Daryono said, from the field at this time it was reported that there were many damages to people's houses in Majene.

"Not only damaging, this earthquake also triggered a collateral hazard in the form of rock falls on hilly cliffs," said Daryono in his statement, Thursday, January 14.

The earthquake in Majene was felt to be far across the island. It was reported that many residents in Paser and Balikpapan Regencies in East Kalimantan also felt the shock of the Majene earthquake.

"The Majene earthquake this afternoon was triggered by the source of the Mamuju Ascent Fault (Mamuju Thrust) earthquake. This fault is offshore as a very active fold-thrust belt. This is consistent with the analysis of the BMKG source mechanism which shows a thrust fault, "continued Daryono.

According to him, the epicenter of the Majene earthquake was very close to the source of the earthquake that triggered the tsunami on February 23, 1969 with a magnitude of 6.9 at a depth of 13 km.

The earthquake at that time left 64 people dead, 97 people injured and 1,287 houses and mosques were damaged. The port pier broke, causing a tsunami with a height of 4 meters in Pelattoang and 1.5 m in Parasanga and Palili.

"The devastating Majene earthquake today and the earthquake that triggered the destructive tsunami in 1969 were both generated by the same earthquake generator, namely the Mamuju Rise Fault (Mamuju Thrust)," said Daryono.

According to him, the Mamuju Ascend Fault has a targeted magnitude of 7.0 with a fault shear rate of 2 millimeters / year. Therefore, this fault must be watched out because it can trigger strong earthquakes.

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