Scolds For Motorists Who Smoke While Filling Gasoline, Employees Of Gas Stations In Makassar Are Hacked

MAKASSAR - A gas station employee in Makassar, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) with the initials Fi (26) became a victim of abuse. The assault occurred because the victim reprimanded one of the motorists who smoked while filling up at a gas station.

Kasubdit Ditreskrimum Polda Sulsel Kompol Suprianto, said the victim reprimanded the perpetrator who wanted to fill up fuel on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, next to the UIM Campus, Makassar.

When reprimanded, the perpetrator refused to put out his cigarette. The victim immediately complained about the incident to the gas station supervisor. The victim along with the SPBU supervisor then expelled the perpetrator from the gas station area.

Not accepting the treatment, the perpetrator came back with his 10 colleagues. The victim was beaten and hacked with a machete.

"Wounds on the head, right arm, and fingers of the right hand," said Suprianto to VOI, Thursday, January 14.

After mistreating the victim, the perpetrator left the gas station. The perpetrator also damaged a motorbike parked beside the gas station.

"The perpetrator has not been arrested, the perpetrator is still in pursuit," said Suprianto.

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