Update On COVID-19 Cases Per January 14: Print Records Again, New Cases 11,557

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) releases the latest additional positive cases of COVID-19 today. A total of 70,376 specimens were examined with 11,557 new positive cases of COVID-19.

The addition of new positive cases of COVID-19 has again set a record for new positive cases. Previously, the highest new cases per day occurred yesterday, namely January 13 with 11,278 new cases.

"The total accumulation of positive cases since COVID-19 was discovered in Indonesia has reached 869,600 people," the Ministry of Health was quoted as saying, Thursday, January 14.

Cases recovered today increased by 7,741 so that a total of 711,205 people recovered. Then, the positive confirmed cases who died increased by 295 people and a total of 25,246 people.

The province with the most new cases was in DKI Jakarta with 3,165 new cases and a total of 217,893 cases. DKI is the province with the most cases in Indonesia.

Followed by West Java, which has 2,201 new cases with a total of 104,541 cases. Central Java has 1,497 new cases and a total of 97,059 cases. Then, East Java has 981 new cases and a total of 96,045 cases.

The province with the most cases recovered today belongs to DKI Jakarta with an additional 2,075 cases recovered. Followed by West Java with an increase of 1,370 cases recovered, Central Java with an increase of 1,141 recovered cases, and East Java with an increase of 778 recovered cases.

No province reported having no new cases as of today. The province that reported new cases under 10 was Maluku with 4 cases.

In addition, the number of specimens examined reached 8,133,444. In detail, as many as 8,000,050 specimens were examined using real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and 133,394 using a molecular rapid test (TCM).

"The cumulative positive results per number of people examined or a positivity rate of 16 percent," he wrote.

Finally, the number of people suspected of having contracted COVID-19 or who are currently categorized as suspected cases was recorded at 64,032 people. Currently, 510 districts / cities from 34 provinces have COVID-19 cases.

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