Tomorrow, 21 Figures In Jakarta Will Be Injected With The COVID-19 Vaccine

JAKARTA - COVID-19 vaccination in DKI Jakarta Province for health workers starts today. Tomorrow there will be a vaccine injection for 21 figures in Jakarta.

Head of the DKI Health Service, Widyastuti, said the provincial-level declaration event which will be held tomorrow will be held at the City Hall at 08.00 WIB. However, Widyastuti did not say who the names were.

"On January 15, about 21 people will be injected. The 21 people are representatives of organizations, professional organizations, religious leaders and public officials," Widyastuti told reporters, Thursday, January 14.

However, he said, these figures would still be screened to ensure they could be vaccinated or not.

DKI has received the Sinovac Vaccine from PT Biofarma since January 4, 2021, as many as 39,200 vials, then on January 7 there were 39,200 vials, and on January 11 as many as 41,640 vials, which were stored in the Cold Room of the Vaccine Warehouse of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office.

Today, DKI has started the phase 1 vaccination with the target of health workers. The target of vaccination for phase 1 is 131,000 people in all health service facilities in DKI Jakarta, based on data on the SI-SDMK website as of January 11, 2021.

However, the data is dynamic. This is because the doses of vaccine that DKI received in phase 1 were only 120,040 vials. The vaccine is only for 60,000 health workers.

This number is still insufficient because the data on health workers and supporters in DKI Jakarta are 131,000 people, based on SI-SDMK data as of January 11, 2021, "said Widyastuti.

"We have to make sure the existing logistics can secure 2 doses for 1 person first. Because the vaccine is given 2 doses (2 times) after 14 days," he added.

There are 488 health facilities (health facilities) in DKI Jakarta that have been registered by P-Care BPJS as implementing the COVID-19 immunization, according to the requirements that have been set.

These health facilities consist of hospitals, vertical hospitals / military / police, private hospitals, health centers, government or private clinics spread across 6 regions in DKI Jakarta.

There are currently 1,500 vaccinators available in five cities and districts of DKI Jakarta Province with a daily target of 19,741 vaccines. The government has also provided training for the COVID-19 Vaccine with a total of 2,325 participants.

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