Managing Director Of Bio Farma: Polio Vaccine Cripples, Not Like That Information Mrs. Ribka
Member of Commission IX DPR from the PDIP faction Ribka Tjiptaning stated that he refused the COVID-19 vaccination in the RDP at the DPR with the Minister of Health, January 12. (Capture YouTube screen DPR RI)

JAKARTA - Director of Bio Farma Honesti Basyir spoke about the statement made by DPR RI member Ribka Tjiptaning regarding the polio vaccine causing paralysis. Honesti confirmed that the information was wrong.

For your information, at the previous meeting, Ribka admitted to rejecting the COVID-19 vaccination. This was motivated by the information he got about the polio vaccine case.

"We also need to explain in relation to an incident in 2005 where the issue was that after the polio vaccine was paralyzed. Actually the information was not like that, Mrs. Ribka," he said, during a working meeting with Commission IX of the Indonesian Parliament, Thursday, January 14.

Furthermore, Honesti explained, in 2015 there was an outbreak of polio in the Sukabumi area. However, the outbreak did not occur because of the polio strain in Indonesia, but because there was a foreign strain brought by Indonesian workers (TKI) who had just returned home.

At that time, said Honesti, the Ministry of Health together with the West Java government and Bio Farma immediately moved to carry out a national polio vaccination program. In the end the polio outbreak case ended quickly.

"So it's not that they were paralyzed due to vaccination, but because of a new strain that was brought by our workers who returned home," he explained.

The vaccination, according to Honesti, is a solution to the problem. "So we have tackled this and until now there are no more polio cases," he said.

Previously, Member of Commission IX DPR RI from the PDIP faction Ribka Tjiptaning emphasized that he refused the COVID-19 vaccination. Ribka, who is also a doctor, conveyed this at the Commission IX meeting with the Minister of Health, on Tuesday, January 12.

During the meeting, Ribka's family preferred to be sanctioned in the form of a fine rather than being vaccinated. One of the reasons is because Bio Farma has not submitted the results of the third clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I still don't want to be vaccinated (corona) or until 63 years old can be vaccinated. I'm already 63, I want all ages to be allowed, still, I live there in Jakarta, all my children and grandchildren get sanctions of Rp. 5 million. selling cars, grandpa, "said Ribka at the DPR RI Commission IX working meeting with the Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin at the DPR RI, Jakarta, Tuesday, January 12.

Ribka then highlighted the incidents of polio vaccine and elephant leg vaccine, which he said had claimed victims in the country.

"This is my experience, Minister, I will talk about this again at this meeting. Vaccines for antipolios are even paralyzed in Sukabumi. Then 12 people died in Majalaya, because in India it was rejected, in Africa it was rejected, entered. in Indonesia with IDR 1.3 trillion, when I was chairman of the commission. I really remember that, don't mess with this vaccine, don't mess around, "he said.

Then, Rebekah also talked about selling drugs. He warned the government not to do business with its people. Not without reason, according to him, since COVID-19 entered the country, he has seen this will be used as an opportunity to sell drugs.

"Since last March I have spoken at this meeting, as soon as COVID-19, this is in the end selling drugs. Selling vaccines is after this, because now is not the time for PPE. Later, this medicine will run out. I just reminded Minister Adinda, the state cannot Doing business with its people. You can't, for any reason, you can't. I'm the one who is the most fast-paced, and I will blame it, "he said.

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