Arriving At Bareskrim Polri, Rizieq Shihab Talks About Moral Revolution: Stop Noise, Build Peace
Rizieq Shihab while detained some time ago (DOK. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The suspect in the crowd case, Rizieq Shihab, said that he would remain committed to carrying out a moral revolution.

This statement was made by Rizieq Shihab when his detention was transferred from the Jakarta Police Narcotics Detention Center to Bareskrim Polri.

"I remain committed to moral revolution in a moral way," Rizieq told reporters, Thursday, January 14.

In addition, Rizieq had mentioned to stop the commotion that was happening. But he did not explain in detail the matter in question.

"Alhamdulilah, take it easy. Stop the noise, build peace," he said.

Rizieq Shihab arrived at Bareskrim Polri at around 15.05 WIB. The transfer of detention was escorted by a number of armed Brimob members.

Previously, the Director of General Crimes at Bareskrim Polri, Brigadier General Andi Rian, said that this transfer was also reasonable because it was to facilitate the investigation process. This is because all crowd cases involving Rizieq Shihab are currently being handled by Bareskrim Polri.

"The consideration is that the prisoners at PMJ are too dense, as well as to make it easier for Bareskrim investigators to file their cases," he said.

Rizieq Shihab was named a suspect in violating health protocols at his daughter's wedding in Petamburan. He was named a suspect on Thursday, December 10.

In this case, Rizieq Shihab was charged with Article 160 KUHP and 216 KUHP. Then he was detained since December 12. Rizieq is currently in a drug detention cell at Polda Metro Jaya.

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