Last Message To The Late Wife Of Sriwijaya Air, Many Salawats, Bad Weather
The SAR team found the wreckage of the suspected Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 aircraft (Source: Special)

JAKARTA - Panca Widya Nursanti (47) is one of the victims of the Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 plane crash. Before departure, the victim had contacted her husband via video call on Saturday, January 9.

Syarif Rafiq (49), the husband of the victim, told this when he visited the JICT II Integrated Command Post, North Jakarta, Thursday, January 14. At that time, his wife said the weather was bad.

Syarif then asked his late wife to read a prayer for safety.

"Our last communication before leaving was via video call at 2:05 p.m., he called and said that the weather in Jakarta was not good. So, I told him to read and read the prayers," he said.

Prior to Pontianak, his wife went to Tegal on December 22 and then returned to his hometown. After his vacation, Widya took a transit trip from Tegal to Jakarta and boarded a plane from Jakarta to Pontianak with Sriwijaya Air SJ-182.

Syarif's video call with his wife was the last communication before Syarif heard the news that the plane Widya was traveling in lost contact and was declared downed.

Syarif came to the JICT Post to seek clarification about his wife. He could only surrender and wait for the hard work of all the SAR Team.

"The visit here is to seek clarification regarding the victim. Regarding the finding of my wife's belongings, we also don't know yet, just wait," said Syarif when met at Poso JICT II, North Jakarta, Thursday, January 14.

Furthermore, Syarif admitted that he came from Pontianak accompanied by his cousin. He arrived in Jakarta two days ago, staying at a hotel facilitated by the airline Sriwijaya Air.

Now, Syarif admits that he is sincere about letting his wife go. He only hopes that his wife is found by the SAR team, while taking care of the needs of victim identification to the disaster victim identification (DVI) team at the National Police Hospital.

"All data regarding my wife have been entered, just waiting for more information," he added.

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