Injected With The COVID-19 Vaccine, Ariel Noah: I Am Affected By This Pandemic And I Want To Return To Normal Again
Ariel Noah is injected with the COVID-19 vaccine in Bandung, West Java, Thursday January 14 (Asep Bdg / VOI)

BANDUNG - Musician Nazril Irham or known as Ariel Noah became one of the first recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine injection in West Java. Ariel admitted that he decided to participate in the vaccine injection because the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on his life.

"The first time I got it, I went ahead because I was one of those affected by the pandemic, and I have a great desire to return to normal again," said Ariel Noah during a press conference at RSKIA Bandung, Thursday, January 14.

Ariel really hopes that normal life will return soon after the arrival of this COVID-19 vaccine. This hope is also aimed at the condition of musicians in Indonesia.

"What has been felt after the vaccine has not felt anything until now. It's still like that, there are no side effects," said Ariel.

"Why am I moving forward, so that everything can be better, no more guesswork and after this the community can be more confident and everything can return to the way we want. I also want this pandemic period to pass quickly and this vaccine is a fast way to there, "he explained.

West Java Regional Police Head Inspector General Ahmad Dofiri and West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum have also injected COVID-19 vaccine.

"I am one of those who have been vaccinated and it has passed one hour until now there are no symptoms whatsoever. But the doctor said, there could be symptoms until the next three days," said the West Java Regional Police Chief at RSHS Bandung.

"But whatever it is, don't be afraid, don't worry," continued the Kapolda.

Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the process of injecting the COVID-19 vaccine begins with a blood pressure check.

"One of the prerequisites for passing health is being given the COVID-19 vaccine, a maximum blood pressure of 140. Above that is a bit of a risk, of course we don't expect it. Of all those who have undergone the vaccine, the average tension is above 140, including the Deputy Governor," he said.

For those with high blood pressure, they are asked to wait until their blood pressure drops. However, there are some whose blood pressure is suitable so that they can undergo an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Therefore, the procedure is asked to wait for a while to do a retest. If several times above 140, it is not carried out today. Of all, there are three who have been vaccinated, one of which is the West Java Regional Police Chief," said Kang Emil.

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