The Hot Atmosphere When Ganjar Pranowo Was Present At The Wreda Pengayoman Panti
The Hot Atmosphere When Ganjar Pranowo Was Present At The Wreda Pengayoman Panti

The atmosphere of warmth and laughter was presented when Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo met and had a dialogue with the elderly residents of the Pengayoman Wereda Panti in Wonodra, Semarang Selatan District, Semarang City, Friday, March 31. Ganjar arrived at the Pengayoman Wereda Panti while riding into the ground at around 16.30 WIB.

The oma-opa who was at the place looked very happy, and told many things with the number one person in Central Java. Arriving at the location, Ganjar immediately met Oma Sulistiawati who looked engrossed in knitting a scarf.

Ganjar looked amazed to see Sulistiawati's skilled hands. This middle-aged woman admitted that she had started knitting since she was young, so she could knit without seeing the threads and needles in her hands. "Yes, I can. I've been knitting since I was young. This is for scarves, it's usually made me sneakers too," said Sulistiawati in response to Ganjar's question about her skills in knitting.

Furthermore, Ganjar Pranowo moved to meet other elderly people. Among them are Adrian and Ang Sucipto. Ang Sucipto was busy listening to music on the radio at that time. To Ganjar, Sucipto admitted that he liked to listen to pop songs and keroncong.

Unlike Sucipto, Adrian, who was next to him, immediately knew that the person he met was Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java. Adrian told how happy he was to live in the Wreda Pengayoman Panti.

Apart from many of his friends, he can also share happiness with others. "Always smile. Keep smile, always young," Adrian told Ganjar.

After chatting with the two grandfathers, Ganjar continued to interact with other residents of the orphanage. Until finally he met two grandmothers who turned out to be retired teachers. A retired Geographical teacher from Purwodadi, Grobogan, named Supriati, and the other was a former principal at junior high school in Malang, East Java, named Weni. Both of them seemed very enthusiastic during a dialogue with Ganjar.

"I have four children. Everyone is busy working. The last child likes to call on Saturday. Earlier, the first child had just visited here even though it was only for a short time," said Supriati.

Governor Ganjar Pranowo said his visit to the Pengayoman Wereda Panti was the second time. In this meeting, he felt the warmth and the atmosphere of longing. From that chat, Ganjar learned that not only did he visit and help but could feel the feelings of his parents were also important.

"On the other hand, they are eager to live here but are moved to see their younger siblings, have children, and they really miss their children. Their learning is not just visiting, helping, not that but we can understand the feelings of our parents and parents who are being treated today. These are the ones who care for them, are good. So we can listen to the inner atmosphere, longing for family, children, so that we learn how important it is for us to respect, care for, and care for parents," he said.

Meanwhile, Manis as the leader of the Pengayoman Wreda Panti said the visit from Ganjar Pranowo was very important for Oma-opa in orphanages. Because the elderly also need people other than their family or relatives. Moreover, these people want to listen when they tell stories.

"Mr. Ganjar's presence in this place was missed a lot, because the number one person in Central Java. I am very happy, because for them it is special. The arrival of the number one person in Central Java and can speak directly. In my opinion, Mr. Ganjar is very popular. So when the OMA-opa is asked who it is, they can immediately answer that Mr. Ganjar," he said.

Sweetaminsumkan, saat in Panti Wreda Pengayoman dihuni oleh 49 lansia. Usia lansia yang dirawat di tempat itu sekitar 60 tahun ke atas. Di lembaga, para lansia itu mendapatkan pelayanan yang baik. Pada pagi hari, mereka diwawanga olahraga, kemudian berbati, hingga aktivitas lain seperti menonton televisi, berita, bacakan koran, dan lainnya.

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