The Reason Why The Late Sheikh Ali Jaber Is Called 'Sheikh' Is Not 'Habib'
Syekh Ali Jaber (@syekh.alijaber)

JAKARTA - Sheikh Ali Jaber passed away on Thursday, January 14. The cleric died at the Yarsi Cempaka Putih Hospital, Central Jakarta at 08.30 WIB.

This news was conveyed directly by Ustaz Yusuf Mansur through his personal Instagram account. "Inna lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji'uun. Sheikh Ali Jaber died at Yarsi Hospital, at 8.30 WIB. Please pray, "wrote Yusuf Mansur.

Before he died, Sheikh Ali Jaber was treated for positive for the SARS-CoV-2 corona, the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease. However, Sheikh Ali Jaber's personal assistant, Arief, said the preacher from Medina died with a negative corona condition.

"It's not (positive for COVID-19). Negative, "said Arief, quoted by VOI.

During his life, Ali Jaber was known as a well-known scholar from Medina, Saudi Arabia. In 2008, he started preaching in Indonesia. Syekh Ali Jaber decided to become an Indonesian citizen (WNI) in 2012.

In Indonesia, Ali Saleh Muhammad Ali Jaber is often referred to as 'Syekh' and not 'Habib'. In fact, the Qur'anic hafiz was born and raised in Arabia. Why is that?

Regarding this, Ali Jaber once explained that the greeting 'Sheikh' had been pinned since he was still in elementary school. Apart from being known as a hafiz alias memorizer of the Koran, his uncle is the Grand Imam of the Grand Mosque.

"The teachers, the principal call me Syekh Ali. It is not something that is expected, let alone requested, but it is just given as a tribute, "said Ali Jaber, 21 September 2020.

As for the greeting 'Habib' which has been addressed by the people in Indonesia, it is more directed at those who have a direct lineage with the Prophet Muhammad.

However, in Saudi Arabia, the greetings for those with the Prophet's lineage are Sayyid and Sayyidah (from the Prophet's grandson, Husein bin Ali) and Sharif-Syarifah (from Hasan bin Ali's lineage).

"So, the Sheikh is a title greeting. So a habib can also be a sheikh but not necessarily a habib, ”explained Ali Jaber.

Ali Jaber admitted that he was sometimes embarrassed, whether he was worthy of being called the title of Sheikh. Are they morally appropriate and entitled to hold this title.

He said that the inclusion of the title 'Sheikh' was actually a burden for him. In addition, this title is also a control so that all speech, attitudes and behavior are always responsible like the Shaykhs and scholars who were the predecessors.

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