This Man In South Sulawesi Snatched A Gold Necklace That Belonged To His Own Mother, The Money Bought Him A Cellphone

MAKASSAR - The man with the initials Hs (35) was arrested by the police for snatching a gold necklace belonging to his own mother. HS, who lives in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi (Sulsel), was arrested by the police who received reports of theft.

"The perpetrator, who was the victim's child, was successfully secured without any resistance," said Head of Sub-Directorate for Criminal Investigation of South Sulawesi Police, Kompol Suprianto, to VOI, Thursday, December 14.

From the arrest, the police confiscated a cellphone purchased from selling a gold necklace for the victim's mother. The gold necklace was sold by the perpetrator for IDR 2,063,000.

The theft occurred on Tuesday, January 12 morning at Jalan AP Pettarani, Sinjai. At that time, the perpetrator approached his mother while he was at home.

Suddenly the perpetrator pulled the gold necklace his mother used and fled.

"The perpetrator is the victim's biological child," he said.

Now Hs is named a suspect in a theft in the family. Hs was charged by the police with Article 362 and Article 367 of the Criminal Code concerning Family Theft.

"The perpetrator who is also the victim's child has been detained at the Sinjai Police," said Suprianto.

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