Indian Farmers Burn Copy Of Agricultural Reform Law
Photo illustration of Indian farmer protest (Source: Commons Wikimedia)

JAKARTA - Indian peasants burned a copy of the Agricultural Reform Law (UU). They did this as a form of rejection of the Act. The Supreme Court's move to postpone the implementation of the law they felt was not enough.

Launching Reuters on Thursday, January 14, the demonstration of burning copies of the Agricultural Reform Law was spread in several locations. Farmers were seen throwing copies of the UU at a bonfire that was lit to commemorate the Hindu Lohri mid-winter festival.

"This law is not in the interests of the peasants," said Gursevak Singh, one of the protesters involved in the arson at the demonstration site in Ghaziabad, New Delhi.

The peasants agreed that the repeal of the Agricultural Reform Law was the only way to stop their actions. The Supreme Court responded to the farmer's complaint.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ordered a temporary postponement of up to an unspecified limit in the application of the law. The peasants basically appreciated this decision. But they will still take action because what they want is removal, not delay.

"We hope to mobilize up to two million farmers across the country on January 26 (Republic Day)," said Kulwant Singh Sandhu, Secretary General of Jamhuri Kisan Sabha, one of India's premier farmer unions.

Meanwhile, at the heart of the dispute is a new law, which the government says will overhaul the failed sector by deregulating agriculture and eliminating state intermediaries. But Indian farmers believe the changes will only benefit big companies.

Therefore, the fate of farmers will be even more heartbreaking. Tens of thousands of farmers have blocked major highways in India for nearly two months. Indian farmers do not seem to have retreated one bit from their stance, despite the rain, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the life-threatening cold.

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