The Story Of Sheikh Ali Jaber Who Claims To Be A Grandson Of A Hero From Mataram And His Grandfather Was Killed By The Dutch
Syekh Ali Jaber (Photo: Instagram @ y Yayasan.syekhalijaber)

JAKARTA - Charismatic cleric Syekh Ali Jaber passed away, Kamia, January 14 at Sakir Yarsi's house in a negative state of COVID-19. Ali Jaber died at around 08.30 WIB. This news was conveyed by the Instagram account @ y Yayasan.syekhalijaber.

"Has passed our teacher, Sheikh Ali Jaber (Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber) at Yarsi Hospital. Today, January 14, 2021, 1 Jumadil Akhir 1442 H, 08.30 WIB in a negative state of Covid. We sincerely give his return to his Rabb. Please forgive all his mistakes. Hopefully all his pious deeds will be accepted, ā€¯quoted VOI on Instagram @ y Yayasan.syekhalijaber.

The name Syekh Ali Jaber is quite considered by most people in Indonesia. He is one of the preachers who often convey messages of kindness. In addition, there are many interesting stories that are often told on various occasions, one of which is his confession about his grandfather.

Who would have thought, Sheikh Ali Jaber turned out to be a descendant of a hero from Mataram. This story was revealed in a video that was viral on social media and uploaded by the YouTube channel Sasak Update TV.

In the video, he is seen giving a lecture which then touches on the problem of his origins from Mataram. He also revealed that many people did not believe that he was descended from Indonesia because he had a sharp nose.

"I am also from Mataram. Many people do not believe that I am from Indonesia. How can that be, but sharp huh?" said Sheikh Ali Jaber.

His ancestors, said Sheikh Ali, were born in Lombok. He himself recently learned about this fact because his mother never told him. His origins were only known after he was in Indonesia.

"There is a story about their origins from Indonesia. My grandfather and my maternal grandfather's father were born in Lombok. But my mother never told me. When I was in Indonesia I just found out," he said.

In addition, Syekh Ali's ancestors during the colonial period helped Indonesia fight the invaders. But he was killed by the Dutch colonialists because he managed to unite the Sasak people in Lombok to fight back.

"My maternal grandfather, my first wife is from Bumiayu. The second wife is from Madura. The third wife is from Lombok. Not yet the fourth one has died. She was among those who were able to unite the Sasak people in Lombok to fight against the Dutch colonialists. That's why she was killed by the Dutch colonialists," he said again.

Sheikh Ali also said that he was the hero's grandson who had not been registered. He also expressed this admission to President Jokowi when the two met.

"And he has a large grave in Ampenan. That's why when I met President Jokowi, I told him I was actually the grandson of a hero but not registered yet," he said.

In his lecture, Sheikh Ali also advised if he wanted to be buried in Lombok if he died.

"O Allah, even though I chose, I begged to die in Medina. If I am determined to die in Indonesia, I beg you to be buried in Lombok," he prayed.

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