Police Intervene About The Crowd Raffi Ahmad: We Scold, We Call
Raffi Ahmad (Photo: Screenshot of the Presidential Secretariat Youtube)

JAKARTA - Artist Raffi Ahmad was in the spotlight for crowding at one of the parties after undergoing the COVID-19 vaccine. The police also intervened.

Kapolsek Kebayoran Baru, Kompol Supriyanto, said that his party was still looking for information about the party that was attended by Raffi Ahmad.

"I'm in the sub-district again with coordination (about the crowd of Raffi Ahmad)," Supriyanto told reporters, Thursday, January 14.

Based on data collected temporarily, the party that had an impact on crowding and the potential for COVID-19 transmission took place in a private house in the Prapanca area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

The plan was that the police would go to the owner of the house to reprimand him. In addition, the home owner will also be asked for information regarding the event.

"We want to warn later, we will summon," said Supriyanto.

There has been no legal action regarding Raffi Ahmad's crowd. The police are still going to dig up the information about the owner of the house.

"Yes, later we will see what kind of event this is," he said.

Previously, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Heru Budi Hartono said that his party would reprimand Raffi Ahmad for hanging out with other people after undergoing the COVID-19 vaccination.

"Thank you for the information. We will advise you," Heru said in a short message, Thursday, January 14.

The crowd became known after a number of photos of Raffi Ahmad attending an event spread on social media for some time. In fact, Raffi's involvement in the crowd was after he got the chance for the first vaccination at the State Palace.

In the photo circulating, Raffi Ahmad and his wife, Nagita Slavina, took a photo without wearing a mask and keeping a distance from a number of people, including Gading Marten and Anya Geraldine.

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