The Witness From The AGO Denies That Prosecutor Pinangki Gave Information About Joko Tjandra's Whereabouts When He Was On The Run
Prosecutor Pinangki Disappears Malasari (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Head of the Sub-Directorate for Corruption and Money Laundering, Syarief Sulaeman Nahdi, said that there was never any information from anyone regarding the whereabouts of Joko Tjandara when he was still a fugitive for cassie Bank Bali.

This statement was conveyed when he was a witness in the trial of the alleged gratification of the Supreme Court (MA) fatwa administration against the accused Joko Tjandra.

This suit was revealed when the prosecutor asked about the database, whether anyone had ever provided information regarding the whereabouts of Joko Tjandra.

"Based on the data available at the legal remedy and execution directorate, has there ever been an official report or someone in writing who then reported the whereabouts of the convict, Joko S. tjandra ?," asked the prosecutor at the trial at the Corruption Court, Central Jakarta, Thursday, January 14. .

Then, Syarief answered that referring to the database, no information has ever been entered from anyone. Although, previously in the search for Joko Tjandra the Attorney General's Office coordinated with the National Police.

"No, never," said Syarief.

Then, other prosecutors joined in asking questions about this. Syarief was questioned whether there was any information about the whereabouts of Joko Tjandra from Attorney Pinangki Sirna Malasari.

"Has there ever been a report, either directly or indirectly from 2019 to 2020, from Piangki's sister that it was related to the defendant Joko S. Tjandra? Have there been any?" Asked the prosecutor.

Then, Syarief answered again if there was no information given by Pinangki. Because, from the database, there was no information found from 2019 until finally Joko Tjandra was arrested in 2020.

"Never, if formally there is no letter," he said.

In the previous trial, Pinangki said that he had reported Joko Tjandra's whereabouts to the Kasi Uheksi named Aryo, in November 2019. In fact, Pinangki claimed that all the information he knew about Joko Tjandra had been conveyed.

Including some supporting evidence regarding the whereabouts of the fugitive Bank Bali claim rights case.

"Well, I will tell you that in November, I showed the photos to Aryo to the Head of Uheksi," said Pinangki.

In addition, Pinangki also said that the delivery of information about Joko Tjandra had indeed been planned by him from the start. In the legal process, the attempt to execute someone must go through the Uhection Directorate.

"That's why I conveyed it to Aryo because it was the original plan, even if an execution is carried out, the execution must go through him because I don't know who the execution usually goes through," said Pinangki.

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