Ganjar Pranowo Injected With The COVID-19 Vaccine: It Feels Like Being Choked By Ants, People Should Not Be Afraid
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo after injection of the COVID-19 vaccine (ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo urged the public not to be afraid of being injected with vaccines in order to anticipate an increase in COVID-19 cases.

"It's okay, it's normal, it feels like being 'choked' by ants, so people don't have to be afraid," he said after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine at the Tugurejo Hospital, Semarang City, quoted by Antara, Thursday, January 14.

Ganjar answered public doubts regarding the impact after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

After being vaccinated and waiting for 30 minutes, the number one person in Central Java did not feel any impact.

"I was asked by the doctor after 30 minutes of being vaccinated, what was the taste, I answered that I was hungry, it turned out that I had not had breakfast.

Ganjar did not have any preparations before being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine, which began to be implemented in Central Java gradually. Because vaccine injections have often been done so far.

"We received immunizations when we were little, wanted to go to Umrah or Hajj, and also got vaccinated against meningitis. Actually, this is something normal, people don't need to be afraid. God willing, this vaccination will help our immunity," he said.

Apart from Ganjar Pranowo, who was the first person in Central Java to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine, namely Deputy Governor Taj Yasin Maimoen, Central Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi, Pangdam IV / Diponegoro Maj. Gen. Bakti Agus Fadjari, and Deputy Chairman of the Central Java DPRD Sukirman.

He emphasized to the public not to be afraid and hesitant to be vaccinated. He and the Forkompimda in Central Java have proven that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe.

"Alhamdulillah, everything is 'hurry up', so people don't need to be afraid or hesitate because halal has been confirmed, security has been tested. This is our effort to fight COVID," he said.

However, Ganjar continued to ask people to strictly implement health protocols in their daily lives.

"Do not let the prokes decrease because there is already a vaccine. Beware, the prokes must be closely guarded and implemented. Once 70 percent of Indonesian people are vaccinated, we will see what the results will be," he said.

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