KPK Cecar Notary About The Process Of Renting A House While Nurhadi Is On The Run
Former Secretary of MA Nurhadi (DOK. Public Relations of KPK)

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is investigating the process of renting a house that was used as a hiding place for former Secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) Nurhadi and his son-in-law, Rezky Herbiyono when they were named as suspects for receiving bribes and gratuities.

This was done when the KPK summoned Ni Putu Nena, who is a notary by profession.

"Ni Putu Nena was examined in relation to the process of renting a house located on Jalan Simprug Golf, Jakarta, which was suspected to be one of the hiding places for NHD and others when it was appointed as a KPK DPO," said Acting KPK spokesman for prosecution Ali Fikri in his written statement, Thursday, January 14th.

In this case, the KPK has also examined a number of witnesses in the case against Nurhadi including calling Nurhadi's wife, Tin Zuraida. However, he was absent from the KPK summons because no notification was given.

Previously, the KPK named Ferdy Yuman as a suspect in the obstruction case of the investigation against Nurhadi and Rezky Herbiyono.

Ferdy is a driver who works for Nurhadi and has the role of renting the house that Nurhadi and his son-in-law used to hide when they became fugitives. Not only that, he was also the party trying to take away Nurhadi and Rezky when they were arrested by the KPK team some time ago.

As a result of his actions, Ferdy was later said to have violated Article 21 of the Corruption Law regarding obstruction of justice or obstructing investigations carried out on cases being investigated by the KPK.

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