KPK Interrogates Secretary General Of The Ministry Of Social Affairs Hartono For Juliari Batubara
Illustrated (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

JAKARTA - Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators summoned the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hartono Laras regarding the alleged bribery case for the procurement of COVID-19 social assistance for Jabodetabek.

"The person concerned will be questioned as a witness for the suspect JPB (Juliari Pieter Batubara)," said Acting KPK spokesperson for prosecution, Ali Fikri, Jakarta, Thursday, January 14.

Then, the KPK also examined two other witnesses from the private sector. They are Muhammad Rakyan Ikram, and Radit. "They are also witnesses for JPB," he said.

In addition, the KPK summoned the Managing Director of PT Junatama Foodia Kreasindo Andy Hoza Junardy. He will be checked for other suspects. "Checked for AIM suspects," said Ali.

In this case, the KPK named a number of suspects, including former Social Minister Juliari Batubara.

Apart from Juliari, the KPK also named four other suspects, namely the Commitment Making Officer at the Ministry of Social Affairs (PPK) MJS and AW as the recipient of the bribe and AIM and HS as the giver of the bribe.

This case started with the provision of social assistance in the form of basic food packages within the Ministry of Social Affairs worth Rp. 5.9 trillion with a total of 272 contracts implemented in two periods.

Then, this PDIP politician appointed Matheus and Adi as PPK. In project implementation, both of them did it by direct appointment of partners. As for the fee for each COVID-19 social assistance package that Matheus and Adi agreed to, it was IDR 10,000 from a value of IDR 300 thousand.

Matheus and Adi then made work contracts with several suppliers as partners for providing social assistance in May-November 2020. The partners chosen were AIM, HS, and PT Rajawali Parama Indonesia aka PT RPI which allegedly belonged to Matheus.

In this case, the KPK then suspected that Juliari received a fee of IDR 8.2 billion for the implementation of the first period of social assistance package. Meanwhile, in the second implementation, he allegedly received a fee of Rp.8.8 billion which was used for his personal interests.

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