Held A Party In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Police Disbanded Visitors To Holywings Club 4 Makassar
Holywings Club 4 Makassar (DOK. Satpol PP)

MAKASSAR - The police dispersed the party at the night entertainment venue of Holywings Club 4 Makassar, South Sulawesi. The reason is that the activity violates the curfew.

The Head of Public Relations of the Makassar Police, Kompol Supriady Idrus, said that the dismissal of the event at Holywings Club 4 Makassar was carried out because it violated the policy of the Makassar Mayor's Circular issued by the Makassar City government.

"Disbanded because it does not follow the rules of the circular letter," said Head of Public Relations of the Makassar Police, Kompol Supriady Idrus, to reporters, Wednesday, January 14.

Previously, the Acting Mayor of Makassar Rudy Djamaluddin again extended the curfew in Kota Anging Mamiri. However, the operating hours of cafes, malls and coffee shops are now permitted until 22.00 WITA.

The decision to extend the curfew in Makassar City was conveyed through a circular letter from the Acting Mayor of Makassar, Prof. Rudy.

In the letter, it explained the restrictions on community activities at night in Makassar City, based on the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs on January 6, 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There are four points in Prof. Rudy's circular, namely public facilities, operation of malls, cafes, restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops and game centers as well as gathering activities allowed until 22.00 WITA. The curfew is in effect from January 12 to January 26.

The second point is that business operators must implement health protocols. This circular also instructs sub-district and village heads to tighten health protocols.

Fourth, the COVID-19 Task Force monitors the implementation of health protocol law enforcement disciplines.

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