Sinovac Shows Low Efficacy, Brazilian President Bolsonaro Jemawa Called Criticism Proven Long
President of the Republic of Indonesia Jokowi injected (Source: Capture the YouTube screen of the Presidential Secretariat)

JAKARTA - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro responded to the confusion among the world's population about the Sinovac vaccine. He admitted that he understood why the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine was questionable. In Brazil, the efficacy of Sinovac was at 50.4 percent.

This figure is obtained from local trials conducted by Brazil. Researchers in the State of Sao Paulo have announced that the Sinovac figure is not sufficient to obtain approval for circulation.

Bolsonaro also offended many people who had been doubting him. Indeed, Bolsonaro has long been critical of Sinovac's efficacy.

"50 percent is good, right? All the (criticism) I got for my comments, and now they see the truth. Four months was reviled because of the vaccine, "he said.

Even so, Bolsonaro admits that he does not have the authority to determine permits. According to Bolsonaro, all decisions are with the federal health regulator, Anvisa. Moreover, last week the Brazilian government had purchased up to one hundred million doses of Chinese vaccine.

The pattern of distribution is that Brazil will receive 46 million doses at the start. After that, only 54 million doses of vaccine again.

Previously Bolsonaro was the party who kept criticizing Sinovac. He said his government would not buy Chinese vaccines. However, Bolsonaro later relented, also because of the intense criticism he faced.

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