KAI Divre Palembang Allows Passengers To Iftar At LRT, Here Are The Rules
Illustration of LRT (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Regional Division (Divre) III Palembang allows passengers of the South Sumatra Light Rail Transit (LRT) to break their fast. Especially in eating and drinking during breaking the fast during Ramadan 1444 Hijri.

South Sumatra's LRT provides special rules for LRT passengers during breaking the fast time to be allowed to eat and drink, but limited to only food or snacks and drinks in bottles to break the fast. This is an tolerance to respect passengers who carry out Ramadan," said Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Divre III Palembang Aida Suryanti in Palembang quoting Antara.

He explained that the rule within the LRT so far is to prohibit passengers from eating and drinking inside because it is for the convenience of passengers.

"However, during Ramadan, we allow passengers to break their fast if they are still on their way considering the last LRT trip is 19.01 from DJKA station and 19.55 from airport station," he explained.

Aida said the officers inside the LRT would remind passengers when the time of breaking the fast had arrived, but passengers were asked to continue to pay attention to the health protocols that had been set in the LRT because they were for common health and comfort.

"And keep clean by not leaving garbage inside the LRT and orderly during breaking time so as not to reduce comfort for the passengers themselves," he said.

The operating hours of the South Sumatra LRT during Ramadan remain as usual, with 94 trips starting at 05.06 20.43 and a distance between stations (headway) of 17 minutes.

To support the connectivity of the South Sumatra LRT and provide convenience and maximize the affordability of the South Sumatra LRT for the community and complete integration between previous modes.

Currently, there are seven Feeder corridors of the Musi Emas LRT and will increase gradually, namely the Polresta LRT Station - via the OPI complex, RSUD Station - via Sukawinatan, Hajj Dormitory LRT Station - via Talang Betutu, DJKA Station via Pasar Plaju Terminal, Cambodia - Bukit Siguntang via Demang LRT Station, Talang Kelapa - Bad Talang via Hajj Dormitory, and Hajj Dormitory - Sematang Borang via Jalan Nurdin Panji. The existence of a feeder of the Musi Emas LRT is one of the efforts to answer the needs of feeder transportation (feeder) for the LRT user community, "explained Aida.

Passengers for the period January 1 - March 21, 2023, experienced an increase with an average daily average of 9,899 people per day and an average occupancy of 59 percent, bringing the total passengers to 793,105 people.

"The number of passengers in the January 1 period March 21, 2023, has increased compared to the same period in 2022, with an average daily average of 6,791 per day and a cumulative number of passengers as many as 536,469 people," he explained.

"PT KAI as the operator of the LRT together with the South Sumatra Light Train Management Center (BPKARSS) along with support from all stakeholders are committed to continuing to strive to improve the quality of service for the LRT users to create comfortable public transportation and a new culture in transportation," Aida said.

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