Former Subordinates Considered Ferdy Sambo's Lie Scenarios Unfortunately But Later Ngaku Disappointed Because He Was Lied To
Photo of Rizky Adytia Pramana-VOI

JAKARTA - Former Head of A Ropaminal Divpropam, Agus Nurpatra, said that Ferdy Sambo's actions to convince Provos members about the death of Nopriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J because the shootout was considered a natural thing. Although, in the end he felt he had been cheated.

Agus' testimony began when he told that there was a meeting between Ferdy Sambo and a number of members on the 3rd Floor of the Provos after Brigadier J died.

At that time, the former Head of the Propam Police Division told all the lies or scenarios of the incident that occurred at his official residence at the Police Complex, Duren Tiga, South Jakarta.

"He (Ferdy Sambo) was devastated by the incident of harassment and shooting," Agus said during a trial at the South Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, December 6.

The judge who heard the information also dig further into what Ferdy Sambo was talking about. According to Agus, at that time there was no direction whatsoever from the former Propam Division.

"There was no (redirection, ed). At that time, I felt that what Mr. FS (Ferdy Sambo) said in general was still a natural thing," said Agus.

"It's only natural, even though (the facts, ed) change in the future?" asked the judge

"Yes, I also feel cheated," said Agus.

Agus Nurpatra is one of the witnesses presented at the premeditated murder trial with the defendants Ferdy Sambo and Putri Candrawathi.

Meanwhile, Agus is a defendant in the obstruction of justice case related to the murder case of Brigadier J.

Ferdy Sambo and Putri Candrawathi were jointly charged with the murder of Brigadier J at the Police Complex, Duren Tiga.

Ferdy Sambo is referred to as planning the murder. Meanwhile, Putri supports and helps her husband.

Thus, they were charged with violating Article 340 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary to Article 338 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 to (1) of the Criminal Code.

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