The Joint Search And Rescue Team Had Difficulty Finding Police Helicopters Because Of The Small Size Made Of Alumunium Aloy
The Joint SAR team conducted a search for police helicopters and pilots/ Photo: Doc. SAR Team

JAKARTA - The Joint SAR team is still focused on searching for the NBO-105 Police helicopter agency P-1103 and pilot AKP Arif Rahman Saleh. Allegedly, the helicopter body was under sea level, while the pilot was caught in it.

Search on the 3rd day after the extension of time, officers still experience problems. This is inseparable from the size of the small helicopter.

"Difficults, small targets, 2 to 3 meters," said Head of the Pangkal Pinang Search and Rescue Office I Made Oka Astawa when contacted by VOI, Tuesday, December 6.

Today's search is focused on diving at the seabed and using underwater detection tools and scanning. Even so, the detection and scanning tools deployed have not been able to find the whereabouts of the NBO-105 P1103 helicopter body.

"The scan results were found to be prominent anomalies and suspects. However, after checking the object was a coral," he said.

The existence of a scanning error that detects corals, continued Made, is because the target intensity is the same as coral.

"The intensity of the target is aluminum aloy, the intensity is similar to coral," he said.

However, officers are still working hard to search for targets in Manggar Waters, East Belitung Regency.

Previously, the NBO-105 P-1103 Police helicopter reportedly lost contact in Manggar waters, East Belitung on Sunday 27 December. The helicopter flew from Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan to Tanjung Pandan and ended up in Pondok Cabe Airport, South Tangerang.

Three of the four crew members have been found, namely Bripda Khoirul Anam, First Brigadier Mochamad Lasminto, and Aipda Joko Mudo. Currently, the joint SAR team is still looking for the whereabouts of the pilot, AKP Arif Rahman Saleh.

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