BLT Money And Village Apparatus Salaries Of Rp. 149 Million Were Stolen By Thieves Of Broken Glass Mode, Mukomuko Police Intersection
Evidence of the car used to store BLT money stolen by a group of thieves in Medan Jaya/ANTARA Village
MUKOMUKO - Mukomuko Resort Police, Bengkulu, investigated the theft of IDR 149 million in cash direct assistance funds (BLT) in a car belonging to the Head of Marga Mulya Village. "We are still investigating this case and examining witnesses related to this case," said Mukomuko Police Chief AKBP Nuswanto in Mukomuko, Antara, Sunday, December 4. A group of thieves managed to steal Rp149 million in cash directly assistance in a car belonging to the Head of Marga Mulya Village after the victim took money from a bank in Medan Jaya Village, last Friday. The police chief said that currently South Mukomuko Police personnel together with the Resort Police are identifying and pursuing a group of thieves who specialize in breaking car windows in this area. In addition, he also asked residents in this area to be aware of this herd by not being asked to put valuables in their vehicles. Meanwhile, Air Rami Sunandi Sub-district Head said the Rp149 million stolen by the flock was not only for direct cash assistance for the poor in Marga Mulya Village and the salaries of village officials. "The stolen hundreds of millions of rupiah was not only for BLT, including the allocation of village funds to pay the salaries of village officials," he said. He said the stolen Village Fund and Village Fund Allocation were BLT for local residents from October to December this year. A total of 80 beneficiary families of BLT. Furthermore, he said, the village government would meet with the Community and Village Empowerment Service to report the incident of theft of BLT money and the salaries of the village apparatus. Regarding the follow-up to the money to pay the village's next salary, he said, his party was waiting for further instructions from the relevant agencies. In addition, he asked residents who received BLT in Marga Mulya Village, Air Rami District to calm down and wait for further instructions from related agencies in this area.

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