Global Recession Threats, Chairman Of Commission A Of The DKI DPRD Asked Governor Heru Budi Regarding The Age Limit For PJLP
Photo Illustration: Antara

JAKARTA - Chairman of Commission A of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Mujiyono, asked the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, to evaluate the new rules regarding other individual service providers (PJLP) within the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in order to face the threat of recession.

"We recommend that there be additional provisions stating that PJLP is 56 years old, but based on performance evaluation it still meets the requirements to carry out work, then the PJLP can still be excluded," said Mujiyono, quoted from Antara, Sunday, November 27.

Previously, on November 1, Heru Budi signed the Governor's Decree (Kepgub) Number 1095 of 2022 concerning Guidelines for Controlling the Use of Individual Other Service Providers (PJLP), one of which regulates the age of PJLP officers.

In the attachment to the Governor's Decree, the age limit for PJLP is at least 18 years old and at most 56 years old.

According to Mujiyono, this rule causes unrest and objections from PJLP who are over 56 years old, considering that it will be difficult for this age group to find work elsewhere.

"There needs to be a postponement of the implementation of these provisions in the next one year to provide opportunities for PJLP to find work elsewhere," said the chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Government Commission.

Moreover, he said, the threat of an economic recession will haunt countries in the world which will have an impact on contracting economic conditions in Jakarta.

He hopes that the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta will be wiser in issuing regulations so that Jakarta residents can still survive the threat of an economic recession.

The evaluation of the PJLP regulation was revealed in Commission A's recommendation during a meeting of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Budget Board with the Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD) and agreed on the value of the 2023 APBD draft value of IDR 83.7 trillion.

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