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Ilustrasi (Vico Luna / Unsplash)

JAKARTA - The function of the clock is to indicate the time in any part of the world. Although the use format is divided into two, namely the 24 hour time format and the 12 hour time format. Most countries in the world, including Indonesia, use a 24 hour time format. However, some countries still use the 12-hour format, such as the United States, Canada (except Quebec), Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

The 12 hour time format divides the time into two, namely 00.00-11.59 and 12.00-23.59. As a differentiator, the 12-hour time format uses the terms AM and PM. AM stands for ante meridiem. Ante meridiem is Latin which means before noon. PM stands for post meridiem. Post meridiem means after noon.

This time, Siniar VOI will discuss the differences between AM and PM. Please press the listen button and VOI will tell the story for you.

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