Palestinian Gay From Ahmad Abu Marhia Was Found With His Head Cut Off In Hebron
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

JAKARTA - Palestinian police managed to arrest the perpetrator of the murder of Ahmad Abu Marhia, a Palestinian gay whose body was found with his head cut off in Hebron.

The LGBT group in Israel, where Ahmad Abu Marhia sought asylum, said he accepted threats because he was gay.

Video of the murder scene in Hebron has spread widely on social media that raises speculation about its motive, as quoted by the BBC, Friday, October 7.

The LGBT group said Ahmad Abu Marhia had spent two years in Israel awaiting asylum claims to flee overseas after receiving death threats from within his community.

Israeli media quoted Ahmad Abu Marhia's friends as saying the victim was kidnapped into the West Bank.

Natali Farah activist told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Abu Marhia is known and liked by the entire LGBT community.

"Everyone is scared," he added.

Palestinians condemn this sadistic murder.

About 90 Palestinians who identified themselves as LGBT currently live as asylum seekers in Israel, the newspaper said, after experiencing discrimination in their home community. They have only been allowed to seek jobs in Israel since July.

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