Police Investigate Allegations Of Counterfeiting Shopping Notes At Pekanbaru DPRD Secretary
FPPMM members when questioning the continuation of the report related to the alleged forgery of spending notes by the Pekanbaru Secretary. ANTARA

PEKANBARU - Pekanbaru Police are still following up reports on allegations of counterfeiting spending notes amounting to IDR 1.1 billion with the Secretary of the Pekanbaru City DPRD reported.

"It is still under investigation. We have handled it," said Head of the Pekanbaru Police Satreskrim Kompol Andrie Setiawan as quoted by ANTARA, Wednesday, October 5.

But the police have not been able to explain the extent of the investigation into the case.

The search results will be presented when the case has been declared complete (P-21).

Previously, the Youth Care Forum for the Poor (FPPMM) Pekanbaru reported that the Acting Secretary of the Pekanbaru City Council to the local police for alleged embezzlement in office and forgery of spending notes worth IDR 1.1 billion in 2021, Thursday (15/9).

The head of the Pekanbaru FPPM, Suhermanto, said that his party would continue to monitor the progress of the reports they had made.

From the Examination Result Report (LHP) of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), it was found that there were allegations of criminal acts of embezzlement in office and/or falsification of notes and receipts that occurred at the Pekanbaru City DPRD Secretariat.

The money is thought to have come from falsifying billboards/advertising bills, renting poles, and renting billboards, films, or photo shoots at the Pekanbaru City DPRD Secretariat in collaboration with certain individuals who usually hang out in the local DPRD.

"With this alleged corruption, the state has lost IDR 1.1 billion. We will continue to monitor its progress. If investigators don't come to a conclusion, of course we will question it," he concluded.

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