Strengthening Fire Handling, DKI Gulkarmat Adds 20 Fire Cars
Illustration of a fire engine/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - The DKI Fire and Rescue Service (Gulkarmat) has added 20 fire engines (damkar) to strengthen the handling of fire disasters in the capital city.

"The budget is around IDR 39 billion," said Head of the DKI Jakarta Gulkarmat Service, Satriadi Gunawan, quoting Antara, Wednesday, October 5.

The procurement of fire engines included 2,500 liters of water tanks.

The procurement of 20 fire engines strengthens the fleet owned by DKI Jakarta, which currently reaches 620 fire engines consisting of pumps and quick responses.

In DKI Jakarta, he said, a total of 139 fire posts facilitated a quick response when there were reports of fires.

Not only about equipment, but his party is also aggressively conducting socialization to the public regarding the prevention of fires.

Socialization is carried out in various ways, one of which is through loudspeakers at the mosque.

"The effort was successful, almost 32 percent of us were able to reduce the number of fires from 2020 to 2021," he said.

Based on data from the DKI Gulkarmat Service compiled by the DKI Jakarta BPS, the fire case in the capital city in 2021 reached 1,535 fires.

This number decreased compared to 2020 which reached 3,156 fire cases.

Most of the fires in 2021 occurred in residential areas as many as 516 incidents, then fires in public buildings reached 274 incidents.

Then, as many as 102 fires in DKI Jakarta hit motorized vehicles, 16 fires occurred in industrial buildings and as many as 627 fires in DKI Jakarta occurred in other objects.

Based on its territory, South Jakarta has the highest number of fires in the capital city in 2021 reaching 446 incidents.

Furthermore, East Jakarta and West Jakarta were recorded 331 incidents and 322 fire incidents in 2021 and followed by Central Jakarta and North Jakarta with a total of 210 fires each.

Meanwhile, during the January-April 2022 period, there were 330 cases of fires in Jakarta.


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