Starting From CCTV, Guard Posts, Special Team, To Dialogical Patrol Schedules, All Are Formed So No Brawl In Manggarai
The guard post in Manggarai was built to prevent brawls between residents/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - The South Jakarta Metro Police are seeking dialogical patrols to prevent brawls that still often occur in Manggarai Village, Tebet District.

"We are conducting dialogue patrols with the Deputy Chief of Resort Police, Chief of Tebet Sector Police, Head of Tebet Village, Head of Manggarai, Babinsa Manggarai, and most importantly Neighborhood representatives in the anti-brawl team to anticipate that there will be no repeated clashes between residents," said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Ade Ary Syam Indradi as quoted by Antara, Wednesday, October 5th.

Ade added that two weeks ago the South Jakarta Metro Police together with the local government, Kodim ranks, and various other parties tried to find a solution regarding the brawl in Manggarai.

For this reason, an anti-brawl team was formed, a monitoring post was built, and the use of CCTV was in the vicinity of the crime scene (TKP). In addition, training for the parties involved in the brawl.

According to him, a number of anti-brawl team members have made schedules such as the environmental security post system (poskamling) whose job is to monitor and anticipate brawls.

Ade hopes that residents will continue to provide information and input which will be followed up by the South Jakarta Metro Police in order to create security and order in their area.

"We leave a message to the people of Manggarai, let's work together to create a conducive security situation so that the environment in Manggarai, Tebet, South Jakarta, can be even safer," he said.

Previously, the South Jakarta Metro Police built two monitoring posts in the tunnel (underpass) to remove the stigma of the brawl in Manggarai Village that had appeared some time ago.

Since the occurrence of a brawl in the Manggarai underpass on Sunday, October 18, the Police have increasingly mobilized a number of personnel and elements of the community so that brawls do not reoccur.

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