Overcoming Solar Scarcity, Ganjar: Team Has Down, Can't Some Play
Ganjar Pranowo (Photo via Central Java Provincial Government)

JAKARTA - The scarcity of diesel fuel (BBM) that occurred in Central Java was responded to by Governor Ganjar Pranowo by deploying a team. Regarding the findings of parties playing around in difficult situations like this, the police were asked to take firm action against the perpetrators.

Of the many reports received, the Governor pocketed information that someone took fuel was not true.

"So I ask the police not to hesitate, to be brushed off. No one should play around with this," said Governor Ganjar, Sunday, October 2.

For information, the scarcity of diesel fuel does occur in several areas. In the midst of the scarcity, Ganjar admitted to receiving reports of subsidized diesel distribution irregularities. One of the irregularities occurred in Demak.

The Demak Police have secured 2 people along with a number of evidences in the form of 2 trucks, 1 tank containing 3,500 liters of diesel, 1 motorcycle, 5 jerry cans containing subsidized diesel, and 2 subsidized diesel purchase notes.

Regarding the scarcity of diesel in Demak which triggered a demonstration by fishermen, the Governor explained that his party had dispatched a team to immediately help overcome it.

There are many reports. Today it was protesting and had conveyed to me earlier in Demak that there was a shortage, so there was a demonstration from fishermen. That's why our team is going down today," he said.

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