A Youth Who Falls From The Tangerang Red Bridge Allegedly Can't Get Marriage Blessing From His Parents
Residents are still at the Red Bridge watching the situation where a youth committed suicide/Photo: SPC

TANGERANG – The Ciledug Sector Police straightened out the news that a man jumped from Jembatan Merah, Karang Tengah, Tangerang City with the initials IT (27), a resident of Pondok Bahar, Tangerang. This was discovered when the victim's family visited the scene.

Information said IT was suspected of committing suicide because he did not get the blessing of marriage from his parents. However, the police are still investigating the motive.

"We haven't studied the information from the parents (of the victim-ed) yet," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Ciledug Police, Insp. Ronald Sianipar when confirmed, Thursday night, August 18.

He also explained that the incident that occurred on Thursday, August 18, at 19.00 WIB was initially discovered by two small children who were passing by the location.

"Two small children said that (the victim) had fled into the river. Until now, that person has not appeared. Then the residents informed us as the police. Then we reported it to the leadership and also coordinated with the BPBD," said Insp. Ronald.

Meanwhile, residents also found a Honda Scoopy motorcycle belonging to the victim parked beside the bridge.

Previously, it was rumored that a young man was desperate to end his life by jumping from the Red Bridge into the river. The news circulated through short messages in the neighborhood of Karang Tengah residents, Tangerang.

"Assalamualikum, brothers and sisters who know this motorbike. Please tell the family, the owner of this motorbike threw himself in the Red Bridge River, Pondok Bahar. Local residents have been looking for an hour," wrote a message from the community group received by VOI.

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