6 Of 1,705 Southeast Sulawesi Convicts Who Get Free Immediate Remission, The Governor Hopes He Won't Repeat His Mistakes
Illustration of prisoners getting remission. (Antaranews)

KENDARI - Governor of Southeast Sulawesi (Sulawesi) Ali Mazi asked prisoners who were released after receiving remission or reduced sentences at the moment of RI's 77th Anniversary not to repeat their mistakes by violating the law.

"They are trained every day at the Correctional Institution so that it is hoped that if they are in the community they will no longer repeat the actions they have done," said Ali in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Wednesday, August 17.

Ali directly handed over a decree of remission for 1,705 prisoners and children at the Penitentiary (Lapas) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Central Sulawesi in the Red and White Hall, the Office of the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi.

Ali Mazi handed over a remission decree symbolically to four inmates who were declared free immediately after receiving a reduced sentence.

The handover was also witnessed by the ranks of the Southeast Sulawesi Ministry of Law and Human Rights, especially the Virtual Correctional Technical Implementation Unit (UPT).

"For those who get remission for prisoners in Southeast Sulawesi, I congratulate them," he said, according to Antara.

Ali hopes that prisoners and children in prisons in Southeast Sulawesi will continue to improve their morals and morals so that when they are released they can be accepted by the community again.

"Improve the improvement of morals and moral character in correctional institutions so that they get remission and even get released quickly," said Ali.

The head of the Southeast Sulawesi Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Silvester Sili Laba, said the total number of prisoners and inmates who received general remission at the moment of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day was 1,705 people, six of whom were declared free immediately.

Thousands of inmates who received remission were 482 Kendari Class IIA Prisons, Baubau Class IIA Prison 311, Kendari Special Children's Prison 42, Women's Prison Class III Kendari 53, Kendari Class IIA Detention Center 415, Class IIB Detention Center Kolaka 103, Class IIB Raha 142 Detention Center , Class IIB Unaaha 157 people.

"The ones who are directly free are four people from the Class IIA Kendari Detention Center and one each from the Class IIB Raha Detention Center and the Class IIB Unaaha Detention Center," said Silvester.

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