3 Housing In Cibinong Flooded By Hotel Construction Impact, DPRD 'Semprit' Bogor Regency Government To Take Concrete Actions
Deputy Chairperson of the Bogor Regency DPRD, KH Agus Salim inspects the flood location in Cibinong, Bogor Regency, West Java, Tuesday (16/8/2022). (ANTARA/HO-DPRD Bogor Regency)

BOGOR - Deputy Chairperson of the DPRD for Bogor Regency, West Java, Agus Salim, asked the executive to deal with the persistent flooding in three housing estates in Cibinong.

"Last night it rained. The water rose again to inundate residential areas. It turns out that this flood started on Wednesday (10/8) last week. There must be a concrete solution to deal with it," said Agus Salim after inspecting the flood location reported by ANTARA, Tuesday, August 16. .

According to him, flooding has repeatedly occurred in this area. So, there needs to be a real solution so as not to harm the residents, especially during the rainy season like today.

Agus Salim said the most likely solution to deal with flooding with a height of about 120 centimeters is to dismantle the irrigation canal under Jalan Tegar Beliman, so that water from residential areas can flow to the Kebantenan Situ which is opposite the Sayaga Hotel construction site.

"A possible solution could be to dismantle the irrigation canal under Jalan Tegar Beliman in front of the Sayaga Hotel. Especially the one under the road garden," said the PKS politician.

Previously, three housing estates in Cibinong, Bogor Regency, namely Nirwana Golden Park, Mutiawa Hijau Residence and Grand Cibinong, were flooded all day due to blockage of culverts.

"So, there are clogged culverts. There is garbage and hotel construction materials. This is being cleaned. Because the conditions are cloudy again, it is feared that the flooding will be prolonged," said Cibinong Sub-district Head Rusliandy.

The water with a height of about 120 centimeters submerged dozens of houses located not far from the Sayaga Hotel building. The hotel is currently under construction by the Bogor Regency Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD), PT Sayaga Wisata.

The blockage that has occurred since Monday (15/8) is being handled by the Department of Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bogor Regency.

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