COVID-19 Update As Of August 14: 4.442 New Cases, Most In DKI Jakarta And West Java
Illustration-(DOK VOI)
JAKARTA - The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) released the latest additional positive cases of COVID-19 as of today. A total of 75.722 specimens were examined today. As a result, there were 4.442 new positive cases of COVID-19.
"The total accumulation of positive cases since COVID-19 was discovered in Indonesia has reached 6.282.774 and active cases have fallen to 53.127," said Ministry of Health data, Sunday, August 14.
Today's recovered cases increased by 4.903 people, bringing the total to 6.072.421 people recovered. Then, positive confirmed cases who died increased by 18 cases and totaled 157.226 people.
The province with the most new cases is DKI Jakarta with 2.109 cases and a total of 1.362.709 cases. Followed by West Java which has 758 new cases with a total of 1.150.715 cases. Banten has 505 new cases and a total of 321.068 cases. East Java has 381 new cases and a total of 591.315 cases.
The province with the most recovered cases today belongs to DKI Jakarta with an additional 2.479 recovered cases. Followed by Banten with an additional 710 recovered cases, West Java with an additional 685 recovered cases, and East Java with an additional 394 recovered cases.
In addition, the number of specimens that have been examined using RT-PCR, TCM, and antigens reached 105.201.993.
"Positive results per number of people examined or the positivity rate of people this week was 11.02 percent," he wrote.
The number of people suspected of contracting COVID-19 or who are currently categorized as suspected cases, was recorded at 4.345 people. Currently, 34 provinces have had cases of COVID-19.

Furthermore, currently there are 202.951.838 people who have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination and 170.486.755 vaccinations for the second dose. Then, the third dose of vaccination was 58.544.800. Meanwhile, the target for vaccination in Indonesia is 208.265.720 people.

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