Making Trouble In Sanur, Russian Caucasians Former Marines Deported From Bali
Bali Immigration deported 3 Caucasians from Russia, Germany and the Netherlands/Bali Immigration DOK

BADUNG - Bali immigration officers deported a Russian foreigner with the initials AA (39) who had caused trouble in the Sanur area, South Denpasar, Bali.

In addition to deporting the Russian foreigner, immigration also deported an elderly person with the initials CGAB (75) from the Netherlands and SAP (55) from Germany. The two foreigners were deported for overstay in violation of Article 78 paragraph 3 of Law Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration.

"Foreigners, holders of residence permits whose validity period has expired and are still in the territory of Indonesia for more than 60 days from the deadline for residence permits, are subject to immigration administrative measures in the form of deportation and deterrence," said Head of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkum HAM) Bali Anggiat Napitupulu in his written statement, Wednesday, August 10.

Meanwhile, Russian Caucasians were deported for violating Article 75 paragraph 1 of the Immigration Law. This article regulates sanctions for foreigners who carry out dangerous activities and are reasonably suspected of endangering public security and order or not respecting and not obeying the laws and regulations.

This Russian Caucasian was considered disturbing because he caused trouble, until it was reported by a resident of Sanur Kauh Village, Denpasar. Russian Caucasians AA had a conflict with the innkeeper because they felt they didn't get the facilities according to the agreement.

For that reason, Russian Caucasians AA did not provide full payment according to the amount set by the inn. Because of this incident, AA was asked to leave the inn until the manager asked the police for help.

"With the help of the police, the person concerned was brought to the Immigration Office Class I TPI Denpasar for further action in accordance with immigration regulations," Anggiat added.

This Russian foreigner first came to Indonesia on April 23, 2021 through Soekarno-Hatta Airport using a visit visa which is valid for 60 days for vacation. This former member of the Marine Corps became a blogger or freelance journalist to make ends meet during his stay in Bali.

Meanwhile, Dutch Caucasians CGAB were secured in Pringgarata, Central Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) by the Immigration Office Team Class I TPI Mataram. This foreigner has overstayed 470 days.

Meanwhile, a foreigner from Germany with the initials SAP was secured by the Mataram Immigration team for not extending his visit permit with a Visa on Arrival (VoA).

"Although they argue that this is due to negligence, immigration can still carry out immigration administrative actions that are in line with the principle of ignorance of the law not justifying anyone," said Anggiat.

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