TNI Commander Hopes Military Cooperation With Australia Is Strengthened
Screenshot/Atmosphere of the meeting between TNI Commander General TNI Andika Perkasa (right) with Chief of the Defense Force Australia Angus Campbell (left)

JAKARTA - TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa hopes that bilateral relations between Indonesia and Australia can strengthen military cooperation between countries so that they can move together and realize mutually beneficial relations.

"This is a form of cooperation with Australia as a friendly country so that we can continue to move forward together and be bound by mutually beneficial relationships," Andika said, quoted from an upload on General TNI Andika Perkasa's YouTube channel reported by ANTARA, Wednesday, August 10.

This statement was made by the TNI Commander when he met with the Chief of the Defense Force Australia, Angus Campbell. In the meeting, Andika and Angus discussed a number of joint military programs as a form of bilateral cooperation between countries.

For General Andika, Indonesia will learn a lot from Australia, such as the values held by the Australian armed forces and various other things. Therefore, Andika encourages the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Australia in the military field.

"There are many things we can learn from Australia," said Andika.

Responding to this, Angus Campbell expressed his gratitude to the TNI Commander. That Australia and Indonesia have an equal reciprocal relationship. In other words, no one is higher between the two countries.

For Campbell, the relationship between Indonesia and Australia is mutually beneficial. Therefore, Australia also wants to increase military cooperation with Indonesia.

"We are fully committed to the implementation of the training program and we are also ready if Indonesia wants to carry out exercises anywhere and in any way," said Campbell.

He admitted that he was happy with the opportunity to carry out a number of military programs with Indonesia that had a positive nuance.

"We want this to be something that both countries want," Campbell said.

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