Due To The Upload Of 'Behavior Of Officials Filling Free BBM,' DLH Mukomuko Threatens To Summon Edy Mashuri's Facebook Account
Edy Mashuri's Facebook account upload related to the LH official car filled with free fuel at PT GSS/ANTARA
MUKOMUKO - The Environment Agency (DLH) of Mukomuko Regency, Bengkulu Province has threatened to send a subpoena to Facebook account owner Edy Mashuri if he does not provide clarification and apologize for uploading the agency's official vehicle to fill up free fuel at the palm oil mill.
"The department has good intentions so that the person concerned provides clarification or apologizes for this negligence, we realize that it is normal to be wrong, but if not, it may take the form of a subpoena against the account owner," said Head of Environmental Protection Agency Mukomuko M Rizon, in Mukomuko, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, August 10.
He said this was in response to a post on a Facebook account in the name of Edy Mashuri who accused the Environment Service vehicle of filling up free fuel at a palm oil factory in this area.
Even though the official vehicle posted by the Facebook account owner named Edy Mashuri does not belong to the Environment Agency, but the vehicle from the Mukomuko Regency Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises.
He explained that the reason his agency gave a warning against the posting of a Facebook account named Edy Mashuri was because the post was related to the institution, not the head of the office.
"If it's a personal relationship, the head of the service can immediately apologize, if there should be a new process this problem can be resolved," he said.
Furthermore, he said, his party was waiting for the goodwill of the Facebook account owner named Edy Mashuri to ask for clarification and apologize.
Mukomuko Ruri, Head of the Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Office, added that the agency's officers used official vehicles to go to the field according to their duties and functions, namely re-calibrating, weighing, and checking fuel kilometers.
Regarding the alleged official vehicle filling free fuel at the factory, his party has asked about it. And DLH does not refill free fuel at the factory.
He said that his party carried out the weighing at the request of palm oil mills in this area.
In the upload, the account owner wrote this. "The behavior of officials is that the contents of free fuel at PT GSSS

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