Asking To Pay Attention To Voters In Prisons, Kemenkumham Gotontalo Submits Prisoners' Data To KPU
Illustration of prisoners in prison. (Between)

GORONTALO - Head of the Gorontalo Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office, Heni Susila Wardoyo, handed over data on prisoners or prisoners to the General Election Commission (KPU) in Bone Bolango Regency.

"This is done in the context of the 2024 General Election," said the Head of Regional Office in Gorontalo, quoted from Antara, Tuesday, August 9.

He revealed that the meeting with the Gorontalo Provincial KPU which was also attended by the Head of the Correctional Division and the head of the Technical Implementation Unit was a form of synergy in order to ensure the 2024 voter list.

"Especially from the ranks of the Correctional Assisted Citizens," said Kakanwil.

This needs to be done and asked the KPU ranks to pay attention to voter data, especially prisoners in prison.

"I ask the KPU to tell us what we have to do. Don't ever hesitate, so that we know what we have to do regarding the upcoming election," he pleaded.

The Chairperson of the Gorontalo Provincial KPU, Fadliyanto Koem, welcomed and appreciated the prisoner data provided by the Gorontalo Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

"It is very helpful, we can predict, and can map out which residents are assisted in Gorontalo, which voters are not Gorontalo people, which do not have electronic ID cards and voters who already have electronic ID cards," he said.

Including child voters who in 2024 are expected to use their voting rights.

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