Commission V Requests All Level Crossings To Be Closed In The Aftermath Of The Kiddie Ride Fatal Accident
Police conduct crime scene investigation at the crash site of an odong-odong car hit by a train in Kragilan Serang Banten/ Photo; Dock. Banten Police

JAKARTA - Commission V of the House of Representatives (DPR) has asked the Government to close all level crossings following the death of 9 residents due to an odong-odong (Kiddie ride) accident that was hit by a train.

The deadly odong-odong versus train accident occurred at an unstoppable crossing in Silebu Village, Kragilan District, Serang Regency, Banten, on Tuesday (26/7) yesterday. In addition to the victims who died, there were also 24 odong-odong passengers who suffered serious and minor injuries.

The House of Representatives' Commission V, which is in charge of infrastructure and transportation affairs, reminded the government to take the deadly odong-odong accident in Serang as an evaluation material.

The chairman of Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI), Lasarus, said that the Central Government and Regional Governments must promote socialization and education on driving safety to the public.

"This is a classic problem at railroad crossings. Problems like this will continue to be repeated when there is a lack of awareness of road users to the dangers that lurk at level crossings or weak level crossing gate security," he said in a written statement, Thursday, July 28.

Lasarus asked the Government through related agencies to close all level crossings, especially illegal crossings and those without gates. This is important to prevent traffic accidents from happening again.

"The safest thing is that there are no more level crossings. The accident could have been prevented if the illegal plot crossings were firmly closed, and or all of them were under the guard of the railway officers,” said Lasarus.

The legislator from the West Kalimantan II electoral district reminded all local governments whose areas have railroad crossings to be diligent in checking level crossings. This is because, said Lasarus, even though PT KAI has closed the illegal plot crossings, the regional administration is the responsibility of the regional government.

"The inclusion of signs at level crossings is the responsibility of the regional government," he said.

Lasarus also added the importance of supervising amusement rides such as odong-odong. Based on the police statement, the odong-odong circulating on the highway have violated Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation and other regulations because they have modified the vehicle not according to its designation.

"Cheap recreational facilities for the people need to be fulfilled but they must not ignore the rules, including the safety factor," said Lasarus.

The odong-odong driver who had an accident in Serang has been named a suspect. It is also known that the driver did not have a driving license (SIM) but was still determined to carry odong-odong which carried dozens of passengers.

"The driver is negligent. We hope that the law will be processed in accordance with applicable regulations. Hopefully, this incident will be a lesson for everyone to be more vigilant and careful again," concluded Lasarus.

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