VIDEO: Indigenous Defenders In Ciliwung River Continued The Legal Process
VIDEO: The student of Baby Pembuang in Ciliwung River Stays in the Legal Process. (VOI Video Graphic Team)

JAKARTA - The whiteness of MS's face, the suspect in the case of dumping the baby, looks teary-eyed when he is about to follow the consent process. The wedding process was held in the hall of the East Jakarta Police, Thursday (7/7). In front of the consent table, the future husband has sat who is also the father of the baby who he dumped on the edge of the Ciliwung river, East Jakarta. A number of the suspect's core families were also present to witness the wedding procession by taking the baby along with the baby. East Jakarta Police Chief Kombes Budi Sartono witnessed the wedding. The marriage between MS and NL is a form of humanity for the relationship between the two who have not been tied up by the marriage rope. However, suspect MS still has to undergo legal proceedings for his actions and is detained. As a result of his actions, MS was charged with Article 305 in conjunction with 306, 307, article 80 of 2016 concerning Child Protection and the threat of punishment for over five years. Watch the video below.

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