Case Of Harassment Of Santriwati In Jombang, Kabareskrim Asks Parents To Withdraw Their Children From Islamic Boarding Schools To Push Ministry Of Religion To Give Sanctions
Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto/DOK ANTARA

JAKARTA - The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Komjen Agus Ardianto, asked all parents to withdraw their children from the Sbiddiqoyyah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes), Jombang, East Java. Kabareskrim also encouraged the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) to freeze the boarding school's permit.

The request was to assist in the settlement of the student molestation case with the suspected child of Kiai, Moch Subchi Al Tsani alias MSAT. Because, in the process of arrest, there is always resistance.

"Community support is highly expected to resolve this problem, for example, all parents of students at the Islamic boarding school withdraw all their children to move to a boarding school that is safer from the possibility of becoming victims of sexual violence," said Komjen Agus when confirmed, Thursday, July 7.

The community was also asked not to send their children to the Islamic boarding school to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

In addition, Kabareskrim encouraged the Ministry of Religion to impose sanctions on the Islamic boarding school. Because, the manager could not prevent the occurrence of such obscenity cases.

"The Ministry of Religion has imposed sanctions on the suspension of Ponpes permits and others," said Agus.

For information, Moch Subchi Al Tsani alias MSAT is one of three suspects in cases of sexual harassment against female students. The determination of his status as a suspect has been carried out since 2019.

However, when the second phase was about to be carried out or delegated to the Prosecutor's Office, the police failed to arrest the perpetrators.

He hid in the Sbiddiqoyyah Islamic Boarding School. Even his father, who is an influential kiai in Jombang and the owner of a boarding school, asked for his son's case to be stopped.

The perpetrator had submitted a pretrial to the Surabaya District Court, but the request was rejected by the panel of judges in December 2021 due to shortcomings from the respondent.

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