Minister Of Home Affairs Inaugurates Achmad Marzuki As Acting Governor Of Aceh
Inauguration of Achmad Marzuki as Acting Governor of Aceh

JAKARTA - Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian inaugurated Major General (ret) Achmad Marzuki as Acting (Pj) Governor of Aceh. Achmad Marzuki was sworn in to replace Nova Iriansyah, whose term of office ended on Tuesday, July 5.

The inauguration was held at the Plenary Meeting of the Aceh House of Representatives today, Wednesday, July 6.

"By Allah, I swear that I will fulfill my obligations as the Acting Governor of Aceh in the best and fairest way possible. Hold fast to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and carry out all laws and regulations as straight as possible. And serve the community, homeland and nation." ," said Achmad Marzuki while reading the oath led by Tito as shown on the Aceh DPR's YouTube.

After taking the oath, Tito said that Achmad Marzuki was appointed as the acting governor according to Law Number 10 of 2016. A number of parties had provided input before the decision was taken.

"In implementing this law, the Minister of Home Affairs has received input from a number of parties, both the Aceh DPR and a number of other groups to get candidates for acting," he said.

This input, continued the former National Police Chief, was then submitted to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). "Furthermore, a meeting of the assessment team was held led by the President, which was attended by a number of ministers and institutions," said Tito.

Furthermore, Tito advised Marzuki to carry out his duties with full trust and responsibility. Not only that, the acting governor is expected to coordinate development programs in the regions so that they are in line with the national program.

Then, Marzuki was asked to establish communication with all parties in Aceh. "Prioritize the program for handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it has been sloping, it has not been fully completed," he said.

In addition to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, Marzuki was also reminded by Tito to realize an effective, efficient, and beneficial budget for the people.

Finally, Tito advised Marzuki to try to build human resources. "I ask for a true focus on education and health programs so that the Acehnese people become human resources who are educated, trained, have skills, and are healthy," he said.

Before closing his statement, Tito emphasized that Marzuki, who is a bureaucrat, is expected to work optimally. Moreover, he is not from a particular party so that political communication with regional heads affiliated with political parties can run well.

"Achmad Marzuki's status as a bureaucrat gives its own advantages so that it can take a neutral position because it does not come from a particular party. This position allows you to build good communication with all parties, both political parties, second-level regional heads who may come from parties," he concluded. .

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