17 Prosecutors Prepared To Strengthen Doni Salmanan's Indictment In Front Of Judges
Deputy Head of the West Java Prosecutor's Office Didi Suhardi (ANTARA/Bagus Ahmad Rizaldi)

JAKARTA - The West Java High Prosecutor's Office (Kejati) has prepared 17 public prosecutors (JPU) for the trial of the binary options investment fraud case with the suspect "Crazy Rich Soreang" alias Doni Salmanan.

Deputy Head of the West Java Prosecutor's Office, Didi Suhardi, explained that the 17 prosecutors were a combination of prosecutors from the Attorney General's Office and the District Attorney's Office (Kejari) of Bandung Regency.

"The case has been forwarded to the Bandung District Attorney's Office, which will then be transferred to the Bale Bandung District Court," said Didi at the West Java Prosecutor's Office, Tuesday, July 5.

Doni Salmanan was tried in the Bandung Regency jurisdiction for allegedly committing fraud while in the area.

Doni is a resident who lives in Soreng, Bandung Regency, West Java. His house in Soreng was also confiscated to be used as evidence.

He explained that in the construction of the case, Doni was suspected of committing fraud by inviting a number of people to invest on the Quotex platform. According to him, the application does not have a permit and is not registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA).

From this fraudulent activity, according to him, Doni earns a profit of Rp. 3 billion per month, including earning Rp. 40 billion for being an affiliate.

"There is a lot of evidence, based on the list of evidence, there are 126 items," he said.

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