Anies Uses Infak Funds To Build Pasar Gembrong Village, PDIP: Good, But Must Do It Elsewhere
Anies Baswedan/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - Chairman of the PDIP faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD Gembong Warsono thinks there is nothing wrong with the actions of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan to rebuild the Pasar Gembrong village which was once burned using infaq funds.

However, Gembong emphasized to Anies that the use of infaq funds as assistance to disaster-affected communities was not only carried out at the Gembrong Market, but also in other locations.

"I think it's good, but the consequences must be consistently applied in DKI Jakarta. When other areas experience things like the Gembrong Market, the Pemrpov must do the same thing. You can't be selective," said Gembong when contacted, Tuesday, June 5. .

According to Gembong, Anies' consistency must be realized. Because, if not, Gembong considers that the rebuilding of the Gembrong Market from infaq funds is just Anies' political maneuver to increase his electability by 2024.

As long as the provincial government can maintain such continuity, I think this is a very positive thing to help our brothers and sisters in need. Don't just be chased by political gimmicks. The motive that comes out must be humanitarian," he said.

Previously, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan carried out the groundbreaking process for the Gembrong Market area, East Jakarta, which caught fire at the end of April.

Anies named the Gembrong Market area which was starting to be rebuilt with the name Gembira Gembrong Village. There are 136 units which will later be built on an area of 1,200 square meters at a cost of Rp7.8 billion.

This village development budget is a collective result collected by the DKI Jakarta Baznas Bazis, especially during the collection of infaq and sadaqah during the Eid prayer at JIS in early May.

Deputy Chairperson of Baznas Baziz DKI, Saat Suharto Amjad explained that the infaq funds collected at JIS were intended to build a place of worship in Gembira Gembrong Village.

"The Eid prayer donations at JIS are specifically for the construction of mosques and prayer rooms. We plan to turn one and another prayer room into a mosque," Suharto said in a video caption.

The funds collected at JIS are around Rp. 214 million. Meanwhile, the remaining funds of more than IDR 7 billion that will be used to build settlements in Gembrong Market are collected from infaq and alms money managed by Baznas Baziz DKI outside of those collected at JIS.

"Housing construction in disaster areas is generally carried out by zakat institutions. For example yesterday there was an earthquake in Palu, the incident (eruption) in Semeru. Currently we are using the disaster funds for the construction of Kampung Gembira Gembrong," Suharto said.

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