KSAD Dudung's Policy To Change Sleeping Land To Productive Land Is Assessed Positively
Army Chief of Staff (KASAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachman (third from left) harvesting rice on land owned by Kostrad in Kedungjaya Village

JAKARTA - Economic observer Apep Agustiawan assesses the policy of the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachman who encourages the Indonesian Army to create vacant land into productive agricultural land to increase food production as a positive step. According to him, the global crisis has forced Indonesia to prepare anticipatory steps against any possible impacts related to domestic food security and stability. Moreover, world commodity prices also often rise and greatly affect the condition of food supply in Indonesia. "Of course we have to fight hard to have better food security, one of which is with the help of the TNI or in this case, KSAD General Dudung is working on it," he said through written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, July 5. Stakeholders, he continued, must work together and strengthen their available resources so that they are able to guarantee food security, at least, during recovery to rise from the Covid-19 pandemic. Because food security is a condition when all people have social and economic access to adequate nutritious food for a productive and healthy life. "If we are strong, of course we don't depend on others. We are able to meet our own food needs, domestic needs, including what the Army Chief of Staff did, intelligent and committed, move quickly by ordering all Regional Commanders to map Previously, on Saturday, July 2, Army Chief of Staff Dudung Abdurachman was present at the rice harvest in the Kostrad area of 37 hectares in Sadariwan Hamlet, Kedungjaya Village, Cibuaya District, Karawang Regency, West Java as a collaboration "I want to see how the units implement my orders to help people who are affected by their economic problems after Covid-19," said the Army Chief of Staff.

This joint rice harvest activity, continued Dudung, has shown the people's togetherness with the Indonesian Army in an effort to succeed one of the Government's programs to create national food security. It is hoped that KSAD Dudung will be able to maintain and improve food security by involving all elements of society, to improve national food security. In addition, creating breakthroughs for the nation's children, in producing superior seeds food crops, fertilizer production and a number of other innovations must get adequate support for the independence of the national food supply. Then, it can help assist and empower farmers, digitize agriculture, to supply chains that are able to increase food value and for the long term by introducing food technology that is more adaptive to change.

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