Jokowi's Message To The Police: Keep Trust, People Monitor
Screenshot of President Joko Widodo acting as inspector of ceremonies at the 76th Anniversary of the Bhayangkara Corps at the Police Academy Campus, Semarang

JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked the National Police to be a good institution. Because, Koprs Bhayangkara has always been in the spotlight of the entire community.

He made the statement when he was the leader of the 76th Bhayangkara Anniversary Ceremony in Semarang, Central Java, Tuesday, July 5.

"Brothers and sisters are always under the observation of the people, brothers and sisters are always in the judgment of the people, the people judge whether the behavior of the Police is in accordance with the people's expectations," said Jokowi.

Then, Jokowi mentioned the results of the survey on the level of public satisfaction with the Polri institution. A total of 58.3 percent stated that Bhayangkara Koprs had acted according to the Presisi slogan.

However, the rest or 28.6 percent stated otherwise. Thus, the Police are asked to continue to improve their performance as law enforcement officers.

Jokowi also emphasized that he would monitor the performance of the National Police through conventional media and social media.

Therefore, all ranks of the National Police are asked not to be careless in their actions. Because, the slightest error occurs, then, it will directly have an impact on the image of the Bhayangkara Corps.

"Any carelessness in the field, no matter how small, can damage the public's trust in the Polri institution. Therefore, work carefully and work with precision," said Jokowi.

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