Special Night Curfew For Children In Yogyakarta, Local Government Values Effectively Preventing Potential Crime In Children
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YOGYAKARTA - Head of the Office of Women's Empowerment, Child Protection, Population Control and Family Planning (DP3AP3KB) Yogyakarta City, Edy Muhammad, said the implementation of the curfew in Yogyakarta was effective in limiting children going out at night.

The curfew is regulated in Yogyakarta Mayor Regulation Number 49 of 2022. It has been in effect in Yogyakarta since mid-June.

"Although research has not been carried out with a calculation of certain indicators, the number of children who are seen going out at night without parental assistance has begun to decrease," said Edy in Yogyakarta, quoted from Antara, Tuesday, July 5. under 18 years old are asked not to go out at night after 22.00 WIB to 04.00 WIB without parental assistance or for urgent matters. emotions include activities that lead to criminal acts. "Parents also have an obligation to make sure their children are home before 10 pm and ask if their children have not come home yet," he said. By being at home, Edy hopes that relationships and communication between people parents and children walk better and open up so that children get protection "During school holidays like now, we also don't get information that the application of the rules is becoming more difficult," he said.

He also said that the response of the community and institutions in the region in supporting the implementation of the rules was going quite well. “We apply a persuasive approach to implement this rule. There has been information and education in the community since 9 pm," he said.

If it is found that a child is still out of the house more than 22.00 WIB and is judged to be carrying out activities that are not clear, they can be subject to sanctions in the form of verbal, written warnings to coaching at the designated rehabilitation center. Yogyakarta City Government to realize the real Child Friendly City.

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