Checked By Madiun DKPP, Found 8 Goats With FMD Symptoms

MADIUN - The Food and Agriculture Security Service (DKPP) of Madiun City, East Java, found 8 goats with clinical symptoms of being exposed to foot and mouth disease (FMD).

DKPP learned of this condition when conducting health checks on sacrificial animals to a number of farmers and seasonal livestock traders.

"The results of today's examination, we found eight goats with clinical symptoms of FMD, namely there were blisters around the mouth and we have given medicine," said Sub-Coordinator of Livestock and Animal Health DKPP Madiun, Doctor of Dental Surgery Margaretha Dian Wartiningdyah, as reported by Antara, Monday, July 4

Even though they do not show severe symptoms, the DKPP veterinarian team still asks farmers and livestock traders to temporarily isolate sick goats. In addition, also monitor periodically until the goat recovers.

Nining, as she is affectionately known, said that there were many traders of seasonal sacrificial animals in Madiun City ahead of the 2022 Great Eid al-Adha. Therefore, more intensive examinations were carried out, especially now that FMD cases are also rampant, especially in East Java.

The health checks for the sacrificial animals included seasonal goat sellers around Kelapa Manis street, Tanjung Manis, and Tulus Bhakti, Madiun City.

The examination is carried out by covering the physical and physiological conditions of the sacrificial livestock, such as whether they are old enough to be slaughtered and the cleanliness during breeding.

She appealed to the public not to worry about the FMD case because it is not contagious to humans. Animal meat that is attacked by FMD can still be consumed as long as it is cooked properly.

Meanwhile, a seasonal goat trader in Madiun City, Gatot Teguh Haryanto, admitted that he was worried about the spread of FMD because the disease affected the selling price of goats in the market.

Although worried about the FMD, he appreciated the government's quick steps to tackle the problem.

"The contact number has been given and can ask for checking at any time. Hopefully this FMD outbreak will soon pass. Poor farmers like us," he said.

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