Commission I Of The House Of Representatives Asks The Indonesian Government To Reject Putin's Offer If Nuclear For Alutsista
President Vladimir Putin offers nuclear weapons to Indonesia. (photo credit:

JAKARTA - Member of Commission I DPR PDIP Faction Major General (Ret.) TB Hasanuddin asked Indonesia to firmly reject Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer if nuclear weapons were used for weapons or defense equipment.

This was said by TB Hasanuddin when responding to President Putin's interest in developing nuclear power in Indonesia when President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited on Thursday, June 30.

"If Indonesia is offered a nuclear weapon for weapons (defense equipment), it should be rejected. Because we are committed to the existing law, and it is not in accordance with our constitution in maintaining world peace in accordance with our constitution," said TB Hasanuddin to reporters, Saturday, July 2.

The reason, continued Hasanuddin, is that Indonesia has ratified the treaty on the use of nuclear for peaceful purposes in law. The agreement, said the member of the defense commission, was agreed at the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT) convention or the convention on the anti-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

"In terms of international political dynamics, Indonesia remains subject to the provisions on the use of nuclear for peaceful purposes which we have ratified," he stressed.

"So the convention on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) or the convention on the anti-proliferation of nuclear weapons, including the treaty and related protection protocols, has been ratified by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in Law Number 8 of 1978," continued the PDIP politician.

However, Hasanuddin supports that Putin's interest in nuclear development is for energy purposes in Indonesia. According to him, Indonesia only needs to ensure that nuclear management is carried out properly.

"Regarding Russia's interest in collaborating with Indonesia in terms of nuclear development for energy, of course it is an opportunity for Indonesia. If indeed Indonesia and Russia will work together to build nuclear power plants, we must also ensure the safety of nuclear management," he said.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed his willingness to develop nuclear energy in Indonesia with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Kremlin Palace, Moscow on Thursday, June 30.

"Today's talks with Mr. Joko Widodo were held in an atmosphere of business talks and were quite substantive," Putin said in an official statement uploaded by the Russian Presidency.

On that occasion, Putin also said that the two countries had good relations since the early days of Indonesia's independence. The discussion with President Jokowi also cannot be separated from the cooperation that benefits both countries.

Last year, said Putin, trade between Russia and Indonesia grew 40 percent, even this year, which has only been running for six months, trade growth has reached 65 percent.

"Many of our companies, including energy companies, operate in Indonesia. There is an interest in developing the national nuclear power industry," said Putin again.

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